Marx_was_left, known as Archos on Discord and Reddit, is a college student living in the United States.  He is known for such great accomplishments as the original support meme, the original cheque meme, and his collaborative work with Toesocks on Night Marx.  He is known for memeing any given situation, no matter how serious; however, when he deems it necessary he will write a serious post, like his treatise on CychoticCy and his response to the Yourself797 3.0 Map Drama.

Marx_was_left 2.0 skin

CivEx 2.0Edit

Marx joined 2.0 with his friend SniperDragon142 in early September of 2015.  After a brief stint with the UOS, he joined the nation of Niflheim as one of it's first recruits.  He made a modernized home on Niflheim's home island of quartz and glass, and chested his valuables beneath the interior.  He lived there in peace until the Niflheim-UOS war destroyed both nations.  He fled after SirCrowley betrayed Niflheim, stealing it's best horse and most of it's valuables.  He joined the Reach as a refugee on the goodwill of Tassadarr.  There he resided until the server's end, participating in most public events like the 2016 Mandis Olympics, Assassin games, and the Arcation PvP tournament.  While in the Reach, he focused his efforts on building a Wall

The Wall

to protect the Sacred Tree.  

Marx was instrumental in the capture of Rex_xer, hitting the killing shot on the wanted criminal.  He claimed Rex_xer's sword, Neutrality, as his prize.

Marx had almost no personal wealth to speak of, instead relying on Reach grown potatoes for sustenance and his own wits to obtain vital resources like Prot armor, bows and swords.  Most of his Prot armor he scavenged from the remnants of Niflheim, his God-bows were all obtained by fishing, and before he claimed Neutrality he relied on a lesser knockback sword he bought at market.

Marx last logged on to the server to participate in the KOTH fight at the Coastaro Bridge.  After a struggle that lasted nearly 20 minutes, and after shooting multiple observers, Marx claimed victory along with the rest of Team Tassadarr.

Sovereignty | AscendingEdit

Marx played briefly on SovAsc, finding a Rapid Instant Health 2 potion recipe within a few hours of joining.  However, he refused to play seriously on the server because he took moral issue with bonkill's prebanning, and after a few hours of fooling around he left on launch day.

Civcraft 3.0Edit

Marx also briefly played on Civcraft 3.0 as a member of MTA, however only played for a couple of weeks.  He cited his dislike of the sharding mechanic and becoming busy with college classes as his main reasons for leaving.


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