The Bentarus Rebellion was a coup d'etat within the nation of Irongrad that took place on the 7 January 2017, so named for the involvement of House Bentarus in the planning and execution of the coup. It followed allegations of conspiracy among the King of Irongrad, Smallish Krassky I, and Minister Johnathan Aronsson Coldburg, who was accused of puppeteering the King. (It was later revealed that these two players were actually the same person.)

While motivations for the coup appear to center on Thomas Bentarus' bid for power, if this was the end goal of the Bentarus Rebellion, it ultimately failed. Actions of Sicarius Gray, former Minister of Defense, led to significant internal struggle within the remaining citizens of Irongrad following the coup, and public opinion of the members of House Bentarus plummeted, thus undermining any likelihood of a successful campaign for Monarch on the part of anyone in House Bentarus.

The Bentarus Rebellion shaped the future of Irongrad drastically, as the referendum that followed the coup led to the creation of a new government in which the citizens had more sovereignty than any one figure such as the Monarch. In addition, the rebellion would ensure Irongrad's place as a meme: "the nation that collapsed before 3.0 even launched."

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