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Overview Edit

Bonkill has been a prominent and influential member of the CivEx community for some time, and is most known for his vault/citadel design, relative wealth, seclusion, and his campaign against badmin crimes. While difficult to reach in game, Bonkill can frequently be found on the Discord, Teamspeak, and subreddit, and is one of the most vocal and active members of the community. In regards to nation-building, Bonkill is usually in charge of the nations he is in, and rarely will take a backseat role. He possesses strong leadership traits, and his states frequently adopt an authoritarian political ideology. The caveat to this however, is that these societies frequently go into hibernation, and can feel like one man nations for long stretches of time.

History Edit

Bonkill began playing CivEx with the first iteration, though it is the second iteration that thrust him more into the spotlight. During one of the first wars of the server, a few months after the official launch, Bonkill found himself at odds with the nation of Arcation. At the time 6ix (lead by Bonkil) and Arcation were perhaps two of the largest superpowers in the server, and a world war began over resources. The war was dirty, and according to the staff, involved the duping of resources on 6ix's part. As a result, Bonkill was temporarily banned, lost possessions, and 6ix was devastated. He was eventually freed, however the terms of his freedom and the loss of his resources are an extremely controversial issue that is still discussed today. The relevant aftermath of this war is not necessarily that Arcation became the server's sole superpower, it is instead the discussion that began about admin interference, boundaries, and punishments.

CivEx 3.0 Edit

Bonkill has decided that he will not be returning for CivEx 3.0, because of personal reasons.

He has also appeared in an interview for the ZefMiller Podcast, found here: Podcast

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