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Overview Edit

cmac__17 has been part of the CivEx community since late December 2015, and ever since his arrival, he has spent countless hours working on various projects, nations, and ideas in general. He is especially well known for his very active role in the community, through Teamspeak and Discord. His activity has gained him a moderation position on the Discord, and he spends significant hours helping out newfriends and building relationships.

History Edit

cmac first joined the CivEx community during CivEx 2.0, around the end of the 6ix-Arcation war. After a period of irrelevancy, he started the nation of Nosgovgrod in the far West Islands. Facing a multitude of diseases, inhospitable climate, long travel times and isolation, cmac managed to carve out a homestead on the small island chain, and it soon became known for its modern architecture and it's sole inhabitant. While Nosgovgrod prospered for the most part, it would occasionally experience internal difficulty, such as theft and grief, as well as exterior threats.

Player Affiliations Edit

cmac is a sometimes ally / sometimes enemy of Skrylfr, with both outwardly sharing a mutual dislike, yet often working together across many servers on various projects.

CivEx 3.0 Edit

cmac has already secured for himself a Discord Moderator position for CivEx 3.0, and he plans on joining the nation of Brimholdt when the server begins.

Personal Quotations Edit

"Bonkill is literally Hitler jk pls no Anschluss."

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