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Cortwade is a quite new member of the CivEx community, though he has some degree of prior experience with Devoted. A beuracrat at heart, Cortwade has been actively involved in the new nation of Victoria, and running into 3.0 it appears to be the nation he plans to join.

History Edit

Cortwade began his experience with civilization servers with Civcraft 3.0, joining the nation of Aquila. There he helped with many of their projects and was a member of the district of Noca. He then, due to social discontent, founded the nation of Antilonia. After Antilonia's failure and the closing of Civcraft, Cortwade moved to the rather hardcore server run by Bonkill, Devoted. While there, he created and led the nation of New Antilonia, the marginally successful successor to Antilonia, for a period of time. Unfortunately, due to internal and external variables, it failed, and that is when he made the decision to switch over to CivEx. Finding the subreddit welcoming and relatively mature, he decided to stay here, and while he has not yet played on a CivEx server, he has plans to with the 3rd iteration.

CivEx 3.0 Edit

After finding the nation of Victoria, Cortwade pledged his allegiance to that nation. He ran, unsuccessfully, for Minister of Parliament for the first quarter of Victoria. He now is planning for his library and various other builds while waiting for CivEx 3.0

== Trivia == Cortwade found shtim's skin online and now uses it.

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