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Devonmartino is perhaps one of the most well known, active, and vocal members of the community, and frequently acts as an important bridge between the Staff and Community. Having served as a moderator on the 2nd iteration of the server, he is now a fully ranked administrator.

History Edit

Beginning with the first iteration of the server, Devon saught to make a significant impact and make a name for himself. Originally joining the notorious nation of griefers called R.O.M., Devon would gain a poor reputation in their company, and eventually fell out of favor with a large portion of the CivEx. While the first iteration was playing out, he began a religious legacy that would continue onto 3.0. Wanting to reform the defunct religion on CivEx 1.0, he recreated it as I.R.O.N., and attracted some membership. However, as his religion progressed, he became the sole inhabitant of R.O.M., which would never be able to regain it's former community.

In 2.0, Devon began to work on religions again, this time focussing on his own religion, Cubism. A labor of love, The Church of Cubism would eventually grow into the largest in server history, with cathedrals all along the eastern continent. A cult following, Devonism, would spring from the northern states shortly after the founding of Cubism.

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Devon attending a diplomatic gala in Metepec.

Since becomming a member of Server Staff, Devon has had to give up his title of 'Pope', and focuses now more on server related issues. However, he still finds time to update some church lore, and still tries to keep his religion going.

CivEx 3.0 Edit

Devon plans on remaining a staff member for the third server iteration, and because of this there are strict limitations as to how much/if at all he can play in-game.

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