Dorado is a constitutional unitary councilor republic thematically based off of Spain and Mexico. It will colonize the borders between a desert, a savanna, or a mesa.

Etymology Edit

Dorado is named after the the Spanish word for gold. It represents prosperity within the nation. The name was created by

Government StructureEdit

The ConstitutionEdit

Dorado is operating as a Constitutional Unitary Councillor Republic. The constitutionwas ratified October 28th, and goes far more in-depth on the government of Dorado.

The ViceroyEdit

The current acting Viceroy of Dorado is /u/EranVonBaron, and he is the head of state. The main powers of the Viceroy are to veto unconstitutional bills and amendments ratified by the National Council, as well as acting as a representative for the nation.

The National CouncilEdit

The National Council consists of 5 ministers with their own fields of expertise. Each has a vote in determining executive decisions of Dorado. The council currently consists of :

Minister of Foreign Affairs, /u/sdbsjb

Minister of Defense, /u/Cabbage__

Minister of Finance, /u/BlobRoss

Minister of Architecture, /u/verticalgrips

Minister of Agriculture, /u/Nikke1000

Flag & BannerEdit

The flag of Dorado consists of a white background with a burgundy saltire, in the centre there is a depiction of the Sun.

Flag of Dorado

Banner of Dorado

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Theme & Build StyleEdit

Dorado is a Spanish-Colonial themed nation. Dorado models a lot of architectural plans off of Latin American style buildings. Most of the buildings consist of clay, sandstone, or quartz. They plan on settling the desert.

Diplomatic Status Edit

Dorado is currently neutral in terms of international politics, but it is subject to change.

Current Alliances and TreatiesEdit

Member of the Ironpact ( Irongrad, Veria, Jotunheimer and Blackholm )

The Sun Never Sets

Veria-Dorado Treaty

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