These are the Server Rules for CivEx 3.0, as of November 27th, 2016


  1. No use of a hacked or cracked Minecraft client.
  2. No exploiting or distributing bugs, glitches, mods, or loopholes that give an unfair advantage to any player.
  3. No using an alternate account, aiding banned players in

circumventing their restrictions or aiding other players in breaking any of these rules.

  1. Raiding and griefing is allowed. Read the rules page for more information
  2. No hate speech, excess immaturity, doxxing, personal

attacks, releasing personal information, or cyber-mobbing in-game or on the subreddit.

  1. No paying with, accepting, or soliciting real money for in-game goods and services.

The staff has the right to remove any player from the server, temporarily and/or permanently. If you are unsure about whether something is allowed, ask us first!

Detailed Policy:

1.) No Hacking or Cheating.

  • This includes but is not limited to:
    1. Duping
    2. Xray
    3. Flying
    4. Bug exploitation
    5. Glitch exploitation
    6. Bypassing AFK checks
    7. Intentionally causing lag
    8. Using a hacked or cracked client
  • Any advantage gained by any of the above is subject to be removed

from the game or taken away by the staff. Which includes (but is not limited to):

  • Duped materials
  • Stolen materials obtained through cheating
  • Lag machines
  • Any information on any bugs/glitches you find in game should be

reported to the staff immediately so that we might find a fix as quickly as possible.

  • Distributing or publicly posting any information about the points listed above is not allowed.

2.) No Alternate Accounts

  • Players found to be using alternate accounts will be banned.
  • Players found to be breaking this rule will be permanently banned on all accounts.

3.) No Harassment, Hate Speech, Doxxing or Personal Attacks.

  • Due to the nature of civ-style servers arguments and conflicts

between players can get pretty heated, however players are expected to remain civil in their interactions with other players.

  • Using or divulging personal information of another player without their consent is not allowed.
  • Any action taken to negatively affect a player outside of the game is not allowed.
  • Moderators will not intervene with interactions between players unless things are taken too far by either party.
  • Players are encouraged to use /ignore and /ignoregroup to avoid interactions with players they dislike.
  • Players should report continued harrassment to the moderators

whether it happens on the subreddit, through modmail, or in game, through a support ticket.

  • Players should send in evidence of harassment in a timely manner or their reports will be ignored.
  • Any players engaging in continued harassment will be given a warning and subsequent bans after that.

4.) No knowingly aiding other players in breaking/circumventing server rules.

  • Players found to be helping other players in an effort to break the rules will be banned based on the ban policy.
  • Continued aiding of banned players will end with a ban similar to that of the players they helped.

5.) No reinforced grief outside of vaults and bunkers or other military-only structures.

  • Spiking vaults in order to disable vaults is allowed.
  • Interfering with other players bunkers and vaults is allowed and seen as a consequence of conflict.
  • Players are expected to be proactive in the protection of their builds and claims.
  • Players are not allowed to use reinforced blocks to grief other players.
  • Moderators reserve the right to intervene in the event of extreme grief.

6.) No paying with, accepting, or soliciting real money for ingame goods and services.

  • Any evidence should be sent to the staff through modmail / ticket

7.) No using server resources to maliciously advertise other minecraft servers, services or games.

  • Contact the staff if you want permission to do so.
  • Don't assume we’ll allow it- ask us first!

CivEx Moderation Policy

In an effort to better streamline the enforcement of the rules we have created the following moderator policy:

  • All minor offenses will follow the following ban structure:
    • 1st Offense: 1 Week Ban
    • 2nd Offense: 2 Week Ban
    • 3rd Offense: 1 Month Ban
    • 4th Offense: Permanent with a chance of appeal
    • 5th Offense after appeal: Permanent.
  • We encourage all players to work with us to make their appeal process as smooth as possible.
    • Being honest and helpful goes a long way to making the whole process much faster and smoother for anyone involved.
    • Being confrontational and aggressive towards the staff will only end in a longer ban.
  • In cases that a player acts against the health and best interest

of the server the staff reserve the right to remove them permanently until such a time that the player is found to be fit to return.

  • All bans will be handled through the ticket system.
  • Moderators will not make posts or comment on the subreddit in threads about specific bans.
  • All changes to the rules will be announced within 24 hours of the change being made.
  • Changes to the rules are not retroactive and apply after the announcement of the change has been made.
  • Players previously banned will not be unbanned due to retroactive changes in the rules.

Revised by Epsilon29, Admin, 11/5/2016

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