Jotunheimr is a preplanned nation made up of people from many different servers. It is based on Old Norse culture and their buildings will be semi-realistic Scandinavian. The name Jotunheimr [yo tun hi mur] is based on Norse mythology where it is the homeland of the Jotnar (Giants).

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Government Edit

Jotunheimr is a direct democracy and when it is time to vote on an issue everyone is equal, though we do have certain positions that will be listed below.

Konungr Edit

The Konungr is the King of Jotunheimr. The title is a formality only, though the Konungr is expected to speak on behalf of the nation. The current Konungr is TheOGFormula AKA Ryn_

Jarl Edit

A Jarl is a town leader, someone leads one (or more) of the towns within the Kingdom.

Hersir Edit

The Hersir is a military leader. They advise the nation on how to build defenses and commands the nation's forces when the nation goes to war.

Flag Edit

Flag of Jotunheimr[1]

Laws Edit

Jotunheimr is a relaxed nation compared to others, but we do have basic laws.[2]

Current Alliances Edit

Iron Pact

Irongrad-Jotunheimr Treaty

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