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Overview Edit

Kelsey Silver (Littlebird) is a relative newcomer to CivEx, with big plans and big ambitions. Having made her first appearance on the 2nd iteration of the server, Kelsey continues to make a big impact on the community, through extensive social means. Committed to two large nations already for 3.0, it is clear that this upcoming socialite will again surprise and astound.

History Edit

Kelsey began her CivEx experience on the second server, CivEx 2.0. She joined the server at 2.0 launch, several months before it shut down in the late spring of 2016. First a citizen of Rijeka, she transitioned to Salsus shortly after.

CivEx 3.0 Edit

Kelsey has big plans for 3.0, and intends on joining both Irongrad and Brimholdt, taking advantage of the opportunity for a dual citizenship between the two.

Irongrad Edit

A popular vote put Kelsey in the position of "Server Mom" for the Irongrad Discord (since renamed Kelseygrad for meme purposes). Within Irongrad, she is well-known for having adorable kittens.

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