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LukasMaps is a relatively new CivEx 3.0 player. He is the founder and leader of CivRail and a Victorian politician currently serving as Minister of Infrastructure. He is also a dual citizen of Veria.

History Edit

LukasMaps began his CivEx career in the development period between CivEx 2.0 and CivEx 3.0 after becoming disillusioned with the toxicity of Devoted and leaving that server. When he first joined the server, the nation of Victoria offered an invitation to join them, which he did. He eventually rose to become an influential politician in that nation. Shortly after, LukasMaps founded the CivRail organization, who's goal is to build a serverwide railway network. He also kicked off negotiations for the Victoria-Veria Alliance.

Personality Edit

LukasMaps is normally not very serious, but becomes so when the need arises. He does not give up on anything until he gets what he wants done.

Trivia Edit

LukasMaps handmade his own skin and has used this skin for nearly 4 years.

LukasMaps is well known for his frequent use of the phrase "no u" on Discord.

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