Overview Edit

Minirigby22 is a player on CivEx who joined in January of 2017. Minirigby22 is best known for his constant memeing and shitposting on CivEx's discord, as well as creating the maps used on SniperDragon142's casual server(s).

History Edit

Although new to CivEx 3.0, Minirigby22 did once join CivEx 2.0 as a member of "The Kingdom of Medicus".

During his time within the CivEx community in the wait for 3.0, Minirigby22 joined the Republic of Victoria, and later gained dual-citizenship with Yakstantinople.

Personality Edit

Minirigby22 has made himself infamous on the CivEx discord as a constant source of cancer and contributor to the channel #Politics. Minirigby22 can be known as a troll at times due to the constant posting of dead memes, as well as his tendency to refer to SniperDragon142 as "daddy" in jest. Minirigby22 spends his days attempting to be as politically-incorrect as possible.

Additional Information Edit

Minirigby22 is also known to use the following skins, depending on the occasion, but always sticking to the same face.

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