MintyChipp is a citizen of the Viceroyality of Dorado, Former Prince of the Otium Principality and later senator of the Omerican Federal Republic in 2.0.

2.0 PresenceEdit

MintyChipp joined in early to mid 2015, originally spawning in the desert, dying of starvation, then spawning near what was then the Travellers' Association. He traveled west to Coastaro, and south to Metepec. He stayed there for a few days and then started an irrelevant one-man nation called the Otium Principality, located in what was previously Zeal. The Principality gained a few members and expanded south, bordering the OFR, east, bordering Rijeka, and north. The Principality was then absorbed as a province into the OFR and was governed by MintyChipp, before going inactive along with everyone else.

3.0 PresenceEdit

MintyChipp is currently an active member of the Viceroyality of Dorado, not having any official government role but involved in politics nonetheless.

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