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Overview Edit

SJWandProud (yourbodyisapoopgun) (SlowDuck) is unlike many powerful individuals on the server, in that he does not try to self-promote or exaggerate himself frequently. Instead he works more behind the scenes, and is the founder of Iudea (pronounced 'EE-YOU-DAY-YAH') and has been active in regional politics.

History Edit

SJW begun his CivEx experience with 2.0, creating the Nation of Iudea which would last for most of the server iteration. It experienced highs and lows, being at some times an influential and prosperous state, and at other times being disintegrated by kaosubaloo and drifting into obscurity. Nevertheless, SJW's work made a serious impact on CivEx, and while he might not be glitzy or produce tons of drama like other leaders, he still works behind the scenes to make a serious impact.

CivEx 3.0 Edit

SJW has decided to join Victoria for the third server iteration.

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