Overview Edit

Shimeri is a man by many names. He used to change his name all the time but not anymore. You may know him as steffwo (Civcraft), Nauseon (CivEx) or Vaultevour (Devoted). Finally he settled with an alias in January 2017. Shimeri is Japanese for wet/moist/humidity.

History Edit

Shimeri has been in the Civilization genre of Minecraft servers since mid Civcraft 2.0 where he joined Viridian. He joined CivEx 2.0 and settled in The Crossroads in Mandis when Civcraft went offline for it's 3.0 beta testing. He played CivEx instead of the Civcraft beta server and got to know many new and nice people.

His journey in CivEx had a quick exit when he founded the nation Oreon and got in some conflict which got him pearled. He returned to playing on civ servers again when Civcraft 3.0 launched and played until it got discontinued.

CivEx 3.0 Edit

He is aiming to go into CivEx 3.0 with a fresh pair of pants and no hard feelings. He is currently looking for a nice place to stay in CivEx 3.0 and will devote his life to make nice things.

Screenshots Edit


The birth of my nation Oreon


My Oreon castle in The Crossroads


Selfie in The Crossroads

2016-02-25 22.19.41

My first base in The Crossroads

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