The 3.0 map drama is an event that happened on 12/7/16 and 12/8/16.

In a post by the admin /u/Epsilon29 the Civ Ex community found out that the map that was commissioned from the player /u/Yourself797 was being scrapped, and instead the Civ Ex map would be designed by a professional map-maker. This left confusion for the community.

The staff member /u/Devonmartino made a post explaining the staffs point of view here It turns out there were overpowered items, as well as lore books, left in the map by Yourself and his brother without telling the staff about them.

Yourself made a post explaining his side of the story here.

And finally, Yourself's brother /u/themjem made a post giving his point of view here

The download of Yourself's map design is available here. Follow this link at your own risk, it is not controlled by this wiki.

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